Stowarzyszenie Miłośników Kanału Elbląskiego

The Mysteries of Elblag Canal - english version

Today we present all the admirers of the Elblag Canal with the first two short films in English in 1280x720 format, 720 p.
The English version was produced by volunteers:

Katarzyna Czaykowska
Anna Dylewska
Sławomir Dylewski
Janusz Kowarski
Łukasz Sobieralski

 The long-term project executed by our Society, The Mysteries of the Elblag Canal, is to produce ten short films in high definition (16:9), unraveling the mysteries, the beauty and extraordinariness of the places surrounding the Elblag Canal.

 Unquestionably, the virtues of the Canal as a history monument account for its unique rank to the region's and country's culture. There have been multiple films produced about the Canal, mainly ordered by economic subjects and territorial administration's units. They invite to pay a visit tothe region, pointing out places of interest or making a trade offer. A separate category is comprised of amateur films, memoirs of trips. There has been no intelligible film so far, which would deliver the knowledge of the times and ways of the canal's construction, the problems to be tackled by the builders, the functioning of the unique hydrotechnical appliances or the unique, one of a kind places.

The trip by the White Fleet ships on route from Ostroda to Elblag and back does not give much in ways of entertainment, it can be simply boring at times. The ships' crews try all measures to put some zest in the trips. Our films come to their help now. They are easily accessible to anyone, concise and  brief. Due to their short duration - 5 to 8 minutes - they are easy to sit through even for children.

 As one of the elements of the 'Revitalisation of the Elblag Canal' project, executed by Regional Board of Water Management in Gdansk, there will a new museum installed in Buczyniec, with a separate media layer. Our films will also be put there, strengthening the exhibits with simple, brief information.

 The material is available in following formats: Full HD 1920x1280, HD 1420x1080, distributed for free only on portable devices due to the file sizes, 9 GB and 1.5 GB respectively. We advise to send us the device and covering the postal fees. You can also view the films in formats adapted to your bandwidth via YouTube.



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